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Believe it or not, some doctors will tell you that a moderate amount of hair loss may be a temporary situation and can be attributed to stress. Most of us have stress at some level in our lives. However, when there are things occurring that are out of the normal routine and leaves us feeling overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure, this can cause our bodies to do crazy things, and one of them is to lose more of our hair than we normally would lose.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010, I cut my hair and donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so they could make wigs for cancer Patients. I felt empowered!

This nutrition is required for production of red blood cells. When the red blood cells count comes down anemia is imminent. Heart palpitation will be encountered.

But my closest friend, a CNS working in a retired living center described to me the fallout: «You're at risk for cancers, emphysema, and strokes, for starters,» she said, despite my balking. «If you don't quit smoking cigarettes,» she nagged, «I would hate to see you end up like my people here, gasping for breath, toting around oxygen tanks, needing help doing the simplest of tasks because you're all stroked out.» So I agreed. I would quit smoking...if she would help me.

breast cancer patient A: Some will jokingly tell you that they could build a cat out of all the hair they lost, but that is not true. While you will notice some handfuls come out as you wash your hair in the shower, see more than normal in your comb or hairbrush, and perhaps even see some on your pillow when you wake up in the morning — this is nothing to be alarmed over. IT WILL STOP FALLING OUT once the body begins to feel that life is «normal» and it will trust that it's okay to send nutrients to the hair again. Be patient and know that it DOES STOP in time.

Preference plays a big part in what you feel comfortable wearing. Although its best said that a human wig are a better alternative because it feels more natural. There are other alternatives to hide your loss of hair than purchasing wigs though.

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